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Pucket | A Puck Ton of Fun

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Get ready, draw your fingers, and go!

The objective of Pucket is to use an elastic band to fling your pucks through an opening (the "gate") that is the size of the puck. Any pucks that go through the gate onto your side must be answered right back and have completely cleared your side of pucks to win. There are many different techniques to winning which is all in the art of the game. Pucket may put you in a flinging trance you had no idea you were capable of!

  • Handcrafted in India under fair-trade practices.
  • Each piece is made from sheesham wood.
  • Check out the video below for real life play.

Game includes:

  • One handcrafted, aesthetically pleasing board.
  • Cotton Bag
  • 16 wooden discs (Pucks)
  • Two tensioning pegs
  • Instruction and amusing Tips

Warning: Game not recommended for children 3 and under due to small parts.

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