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Mrs G's Hot Jelly Pack of 3

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This is a set of three 10 oz hot pepper jellies in flavors: Jalapeño-Habanero, Jalapeño Garlic Lime, Mango Ginger Habanero.

Ja-Ha -

Ja-Ha Jelly (pronounced “ha-ha”) was an unintentional batch produced one night when Mrs. G didn’t have enough jalapenos or habaneros to make her original recipe, so she combined the two types of peppers to come up with a new creation. You could say this one was a happy accident! Ja-Ha Jelly has medium heat and lots of sweet bell pepper flavor. It’s great in a stir-fry or as an add-in to grass-fed beef for hamburgers with a little kick.

Jalapeno Garlic Lime -

A perfect flavor combination, the Jalapeno Garlic Lime is like a little party in your mouth with endless layers of flavor. Excellent simmered with pulled pork, as a glaze on stuffed pork chops or chicken wings.


Mango Ginger Habanero -

This flavor includes Mrs. G’s favorite fruit: mangoes! Mango Ginger Habanero Jelly is the spiciest of the jellies. The layers of distinct flavors invariably result in two raised eyebrows and a smile upon first taste. It is delicious as a glaze on grilled salmon or chicken, but Mrs. G's favorite recipe is this jelly paired with roasted butternut squash.


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    Great Product

    Posted by Polaris M Garfield on 1st Jun 2020

    This is a wonderful gift set & good for entertaining as well. Works great in farm-to-table recipes or as an appetizer paired with a goat cheese and crackers. Can be garnished with fresh chopped onion or your favorite herbs for a nice presentation. Will definitely purchase again.