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Mens/Womens Top Grain Genuine Leather Hip Bag with Belt Loop Clips

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-Conventional fanny packs or hip bags tend to either sit high on the waist where they don't look too stylish, or be so loose that they fall down. This hip bag solves the problem by providing an adjustable belt that can clip onto your belt loops or belt buckle.

-Hangs farther down, similar to a gun belt, where it feels more natural to use.

-Going on a hike but rather not show up to lunch afterwords wearing a fanny pack? No problem! The included belt will work as a short purse strap. Includes "D" rings on each side to convert to a purse or shoulder bag depending on occasion. You can also mix and match whatever clipping bag strap you may already have.

-Good looking, yet perfect size and comfort for travel and utilitarian use.

-Very quick and easy to put on and take off, can slide forward or back along belt for ease of use and comfort.

-Also works well as a utility belt for men in situations that don't warrant an entire tool belt.

Bag Dimensions:
-7 inches in width, 6 inches in height, 3 inches in depth.
-Spacious interior will hold objects up to 7" in length and 5.5" in height. Two separate zipper pockets, one inside and one outside, are perfect for loose credit cards and receipts.
-Small outside pocket is great for chap-stick or small cosmetics.
-Included belt loop strap has maximum length of 30" and minimum of 16" at smallest setting. Belt is not meant to go all the way around waist. It's worn on any combination of belt loops so provided strap will fit any size person.
-Bag can also be attached to a belt you already have and worn any way you like.