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HOT, But Great Tasting Hot Sauce Variety Gift Pack

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"Plenty of heat, unreal flavor, and NO extracts"

If you love hot sauce with abundant flavor... AND abundant heat, you'll want this gift pack. These aren't for the faint of heart... or palate. But they're HO SO good! You will receive 3 our top-sellers in this gift pack:

- Black Bison - triple berry with ghost & scorpion peppers (a 2016 Scovie Award winner!)
- Cajohn's Leviathan - a rare and exotic blend of brown, or "chocolate" peppers (It's NOT for your ice cream!)
- Fiery Fool - a blend of Primo 7-Pot, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion & Bhut Jaloka (Ghost) peppers - "The hottest sauce in the world without extract"

Each bottle has it's own vivid description telling you what to expect from these powerful hot sauces full of savory and spicy punch. Since we couldn't say it better, go ahead and read, on each bottle, what the crafters have to say about their amazing creations!

Your gift set will arrive carefully placed in an attractively packaged display, ready for giving or enjoying all for yourself.