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Game of Thrones - The Iron Throne

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King Robert Baratheon is dead. The line of succession is in dispute, and the Seven Kingdoms stand at the brink of war. Amid the chaos, the Lords and Ladies of the Great Houses of Westeros maneuver for supremacy... Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne is a board game of intrigue and betrayal that pits players against one another in a cutthroat bid for command of Westeros. Based upon the thrilling HBO series and powered by the Cosmic Encounter game system, The Iron Throne places you in command of one of five Great Houses and challenges you to land five of your influence on your rivals` Houses. Diplomacy is always an option, but betrayals are inevitable. Lie, cheat, steal, bribe, and battle your way to supremacy! In the end, you win, or you die. There is only one Iron Throne!


100 Plastic Power Markers
1 Rulebook
25 Influence Tokens
25 Leader Sheets
18 Event Cards
125 House Cards
5 Influence Boards
25 Character Tokens

Ages: 18+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 30-60 minutes