Dimension by THAMES & KOSMOS

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Dimension, a fast-paced, innovative puzzle game, takes place in three dimensions with 60 colorful spheres. Here, all of the players play at the same time, positioning the spheres on their trays to earn as many points as possible.

Prove to your opponents that you are the master of multi-dimensional thinking!


Parents Choice Silver Award Winner Board Game


About KOSMOS Games

KOSMOS games build social skills, stimulate logical and strategic thinking, promote visual-spatial and math skills, cultivate physical coordination and manual dexterity, encourage family time, and inspire fair-mindedness, confidence, and honorable attitudes. German engineered and beautifully made, these games become enduring family favorites and game night classics. For all these reasons, Kosmos games have earned worldwide acclaim.


A 3-D Puzzle Game by Lauge Luchau

Each player tries to position his spheres as accurately as possible. During each game round, six task cards are revealed. These cards indicate conditions you must follow when placing the spheres—for example, which spheres must not be on top of other spheres or must not touch each other. If you complete the tasks correctly, you receive points, and if you have the most points at the end of the game, you win!

  • For 1-4 Players
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Play Time: 30 Minutes
  • A game of strategy, quick thinking, logic, and luck

Game Components

The Player Tray and Spheres

The game includes 4 trays and 60 colorful spheres, allowing for play by up to 4 players. Each player receives a tray and 15 spheres (3 of each color). Slots on the outer edge of the tray act as storage space for unused spheres, while the seven round holes in the center make up the playing area. This is where each player must position their spheres in the best possible way to earn the most points.

The Task Cards and Overview Tiles

60 tasks cards represent different rules that must be followed in any given round. For example, a task card with a blue and black sphere touching means that any time black and blue spheres are played, they must be touching. Six task cards are picked at random and displayed for each round, providing an infinite number of possibilities from round to round. Each player receives an overview tile that contains a brief explanation of the task cards for quick reference during game play.

The Point Tokens and Timer

Players earn 1 point for each sphere they play during each round and they lose 1 point for each task they were unable to complete. But, if you're able to complete all six tasks during the round, you can earn bonus points! Every round is played against a timer--once the sand has passed through the hourglass, players may no longer add, remove, or move spheres on their tray.



Players stack the spheres on top of each other to try to complete as many of the six tasks as possible. The spheres can be stacked in three levels: the first level has room for seven spheres, the second level has room for three spheres, and the third level has room for one sphere. Hence, the player tray can accommodate a maximum total of 11 spheres.

Once the timer runs out, one of the players reads each task card out loud, while all players check their trays to determine how many tasks they've completed. ..and how many tasks they've failed to complete!

After six rounds, the players receive points for their bonus tokens. But, if you've collected less than four bonus tokens, you lose points, so completing all the tasks during each round is very important!



About the Author

Lauge Luchau lives in Aarhus, Denmark, together with his wife and two daughters. He is an architect, although now he mainly develops board games. Kosmos has also published his inventive puzzle games "Uluru: Tumult am Ayers Rock" and "Uluru: Neuer Tumult am Ayers Rock."

What's in the box?


  • 4 Player trays
  • 12 Self-adhesive feet for the underside of the player trays
  • 60 Spheres (orange, blue, green, black, and white; 12 of each color)
  • 60 Task cards
  • 90 Point tokens
  • 30 Bonus tokens
  • 4 Overview tiles