Catacombs: Third Edition

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Survive Together - or Die Together! In Catacombs, players take control of four heroes (represented by wooden discs) who must fight their way through a series of rooms filled with monsters controlled by the Overseer. Battles are fought by skillfully flicking (otherwise known as `shooting`) different types of wooden pieces across the game board that represent the current room of the catacomb. If they survive all the rooms, the heroes face the objective of their quest: a fight to the finish with the Catacomb Lord! The Third Edition of this the award-winning, fantasy, dexterity board game features exciting, new content, new artwork by Kwanchai Moriya, and includes the original Horde of Vermin expansion.


  • For 2-5 Players
  • 30-90 minute playing time
  • Quick set up and fast play