The Super Bowl takes place this Sunday in the New York area

Posted by Gary Heinlein on 30th Jan 2014

Well is everyone ready for Super “Hype” Bowl XLVIII? The Super Bowl is always one of the most promoted events of the year and has been for the last 48 years. This year the attention has gone beyond … read more

We carry the Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

Posted by Gary Heinlein on 29th Jan 2014

Here at the Warm Hearth many people are surprised that we carry “Boleslawiec Polish Pottery”. We have actually carried it for some time and it does sell well for us. In the past few years Polish pot … read more

Today is National Puzzle Day

29th Jan 2014

By Gary Heinlein   Just in case you didn’t know it today is National Puzzle Day. It is of course an unofficial national holiday and is celebrated every year on this date of January 29 … read more

Visit a real Gold Mine in historic Julian

28th Jan 2014

A lot of people come up to Julian for the shopping and of course the apple pie. Here at the Warm Hearth We are definitely glad that you do come up for the shopping for that’s what keep us in bus … read more

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is coming to an end

27th Jan 2014

After finally deciding to go ahead and carry the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in stock here at the Warm Hearth of Julian we find out they are going to quit making them. Oh well it probably wouldn't have work … read more