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New store layout and products

Posted by Nate on 2nd Mar 2014

Over the last few months The Warm Hearth has been going through some changes. We've been moving some things around and bringing in new and exciting product. Our large collection of Jim Shore's Heartwood Creek figurines have moved from the overly cluttered room they have occupied for many years. They now enjoy a place in the high traffic room that connects the upstairs and downstairs portion of the store. The new location offers more viewing space so our costumers won't feel as cramped and the displays are now properly and attractively lit.

Of the figurines we offer Jim Shore's Walt Disney collection is the most popular. We have expanded our Disney collection to include high quality figurines of Disney Princesses and villains, which can be found displayed next to Jim Shore's work.

The smell of leather comes from the windowed front room drawing many “oohs” and “ahhs” from people who just can't pass this chance up. Many of Scully's leather vest and jackets line the walls and just beg to be tried on (they can be ordered online now!). Perhaps the beacon of this room is the wall of moccasins made by Minnetonka, comfortable for wear both outside and around the house. Due to Minnetonka's popularity we have recently expanded our selection, the moccasins are here to stay!

One of the first things you may notice while walking through our sliding barn door is a large lighted tree. We brought in many new products made by The Light Garden, including the most realistic remote controlled candles you've ever seen. The lighting is changing around the whole store as well, we now carry unique lamps made from mason jars and wine bottles.

We encourage you to come in and see for yourself, if you can't make it in we also have an online store