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Largest Selection of Polish Pottery We've Ever Had!

Largest Selection of Polish Pottery We've Ever Had!

15th Dec 2016

We have been carrying Polish pottery for many, many years but this year we have our largest selection and we are more in love with the designs than ever. Polish pottery has a very unique history and we love to support this history. One being that because of the artisan's renowned process in making the pottery it helped to bring Poland out of a recession. That's how beautiful and respected this pottery is!

Each piece is hand painted and designed by master potters. Consequently, each piece is distinctive and its own. The most popular and currently used patterns were perfected in the latter half of the 19th century. These patterns include  repeating circles, scales, clovers and vibrant flowers. These simple, but yet refined patterns make such beautiful pieces of art.

Polish pottery is not just known for its beauty but how durable and functional it is as well. Just another reason why we feel very enthused about carrying Polish pottery. We are inspired that a product has so much love and history put into each and every one.

There are very few stores in San Diego that carry Polish Pottery and we are very proud to be one of them. Come on in and see all the gorgeous designs and patterns we currently have available.